Writers struggle to channel the intoxicating flood of wonders in which we swim every day. One good way to do this is blogging: posting new works in brief form to entertain, inform, and engage online readers.

Here I’m offering serially a widely-varied set of blog essays on specific topics appearing in my upcoming book Out of Plato’s Cave, which is now in the publication process. The book explores the surprising relationships between religion and science. In places in the book where readers might want more detail, there are connections to the essays now appearing in this Excursions blog.

Readers are free to browse through these essays and explore their connections and associations further. The author is in a continuing process of exploration and research on these wondrous matters of our world. As with every topic in this overall work, further reading and research among the references and related materials is strongly encouraged for everyone.

Some of these Excursions may seem to have fairly clear, direct connections to the upcoming book. Others require quite a stretch to make connection. When it seems as if an excursion has gone far afield, it might be worthwhile to relax one’s step-by-step study, and let the excursion’s metaphorical resonances flow through one’s thoughts and feelings, letting go of its immediate details.

Also, there is fun to be had.